Biogas/Digester Systems

We understand that there is a greater demand for sustainable, renewable energy sources and digester systems for waste consumption to ensure a better environment. It is for this reason that we at Asia Pacific Tanks Pty Ltd (T/as PMT Water Engineering) are proud to be turnkey contractors of biogas and digestion plants including supply or consultation, design, equipment selection, installation, commissioning, training and support. Our bio-digestion systems and tanks for waste recycling and energy production utilise proven European engineering and bio technology including Semi Anaerobic Hydrolysis (SAH) technology which is taking the biogas industry to the next level in efficiency and reliability.

What Type of Substrates Can Our Systems Treat?
Our advanced Semi-anaerobic hydrolysis (SAH) systems treat a range of substrates, including even the most fibrous material such as cellulose rich feedstock. In addition they treat:

What Are The Benefits of Our Semi Anaerobic Hydrolysis (SAH) Systems?
One of the key benefits of the Semi anaerobic hydrolysis (SAH) technology compared to traditional anaerobic/bio-digestion processes is that it cuts down the hydraulic retention time (HRT) by more than half the traditional time. Additionally compared to traditional anaerobic /bio-digestion processes the semi-anaerobic hydrolysis (SAH) unit has:

What Are The Further Benefits of Our Biogas Systems?

What Type of Tanks Are Used For Our Biogas Projects?
We use our quality factory coated range of Code AWWA D103.97 section 6 compliant Bonded Epoxy Tanks. Capacities up to 40ML with heights over 20m. Fusion bonded epoxy steel is highly resistant to aggressive contents such as raw sewage and industrial effluents with an extensive pH range of 2 to 13.

What Type of Roof Systems Are Utilised in Our Digesters?
We have a range of roof and cover systems that have a diverse set of functions that are fit for purpose: