Municipal Tanks

Municipal and town water tanks and digester processing tanks from PMT Water Engineering

We have a long standing history of supplying Municipal tanks for town water storage or recycling, treatment of water and sludge processing as the demand for larger, taller and “high-end” quality tankage has continued to grow.

High-end quality storage tanks match the longer Design & Service Life sought for these assets which are now incorporated into Asset Registers by Water Authorities and Municipal Town Councils. This controlled flight to enhanced quality and lower maintenance water tanks has better suited the product and services we offer at pmt Water Engineering. Especially the bolted on-site tanks with factory applied coatings. Typically to ANSI-AWWA D103 design code.

We specialise in prefabricated tanks, (both atmospheric and pressurised) mostly in steel, coated with various factory coatings. These are bolted on-site for a complete installation including “turn-key” either in existing so called Brown or new Greenfield sites.

We provide tanks for water, potable water, sewage, recycling & re-use water, sludge and biological processes such as digestion, including methane & ethanol production. Our bio-digestion system tanks for waste recycling and energy production utilise proven European engineering and technology.

Our Municipal and town water tanks and digester processing tanks have been supplied and/or installed by pmt Water Engineering from:
Perth to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, Qatar to Queensland and also, Kingaroy in Queensland to Kihi Kihi, in New Zealand.


There is an increasing use of membrane filtration & treatment, typically Reverse Osmosis “(RO)” to achieve desalination water from the sea or brackish water. This increase for both potable drinking water and industrial or irrigation use, has created demand for:
Tanks with exceptional coatings and protection to resist corrosive seawater and RO membrane permeate water. Demineralised water and these desalination waters are often described as “hungry”. They have been stripped of various salts etc and they now tend to become more corrosive and thus hungry to redress the chemical imbalance present in these treated waters.
We offer a range of materials, coatings and linings to help combat this corrosive hunger.


Locations of these Tanks & Digesters invariably encounter Siesmic-earthquake conditions. Especially in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Elsewhere, high winds or Cyclones & Hurricanes present challenges in the design of the tank/s and foundation civils. Particularly, the tall narrow “Standpipe” storage tanks we are asked to build.

Flat terrains & topography common in Australia and the Middle East also need careful consideration at the design stage. All these loads and conditions and remote or coastal locations are routine design & execution challenges for pmt Water Engineering and the collective teams we represent.

We provide solutions, on sand or in the snow for liquid management and storage.