Other Products

Our products also include water treatment plans, filtration systems and dam liners and berms

Water Treatment Plants

Modular ground, skid or ISO container mounted packaged systems ready for immediate pipe connection and service. We also offer civil-engineered in ground (in situ) plants and modular packages which can be backfilled and covered over. Usually up to 1500e.p. capacity and modules thereof.

Performance to International and Australian standards.


pmt Water Engineering offers solutions to a diverse range of challenges in water, liquids, gas and air.

Dam Liners & Berms

Polymer liner membranes to suit dams, water courses and tanks designed and supplied / installed by pmt Water Engineering. We can also advise on bunds & berm lining. Materials of construction embraces plastic polymers such as P.V.C., Polypropylene, Butyl and ‘Evaloy’ based compounds. Membranes are available to be compatible with a wide variety of applications and chemicals including diesel, molasses (sugar by-products) and effluent wastes.