Rural Tanks

PMT Water Enginerring provides a wide range of rural water tanks, quality tanks to choose from

We are proud to introduce our range of PACIFIC MODULAR WATER TANKS designed specially for diverse Australian conditions and beyond. There is a Pacific Modular Tank for your every need, from home & horticulture to livestock and more.

Our Pacific Modular brand traditional corrugated style tank is guaranteed* and has a number of features that set it apart from other steel tanks.

Our steel roof and walls are stronger and thicker than ordinary tanks.
We use special flanged tank bolts and nuts ensuring secure and easier construction.
Additionally included in our tank is a machined structural – steel roof edge for extra stability.

Altogether you get a tank that is very strong and an asset that will last.

Our tank package includes a Dome style roof, Leaf filter basket, “Vermin-Out”, Lockable Access Hatch, 50mm Outlet and Valve, and an Overflow with discharge pipe.

You have a choice of a “Potable” membrane (food contact grade for drinking water) or an “Ag” grade protective membrane (livestock, garden etc.), which protects your tank so it can’t rust, leak or crack like ordinary tanks.

A range of optional accessories are also available including: Ladders, Level Indicators, Extra outlets or overflows and larger outlets or overflows.

We can offer the traditional galvanized zinc or a range of Colorbond™ colours.
Your PACIFIC MODULAR TANK can be supplied in kit form for your easy installation, without foregoing all your warranty. Or an installed service can be arranged.


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Some example of our Rural Tanks