Tank Membranes and Replacement Liners

PMT provides water tank membranes and tank replacement liners for more information see below

Liners: – Membrane’s of various polymers to suit many Dams, Water-courses and Tanks, designed in co-operation with our strategic vendor engineers, supplied and installed by us.
As policy we do not supply for plastic or so called “poly” tanks.
Large installations require onsite, in-field construction using specialist welding techniques.

We aim to have most membranes fully or partly cut and fabricated in the factory to reduce onsite work tasks, time and money. Whilst enhancing both QA and Quality Control.

Material of choice includes plastic polymers both solid and reinforced. Such as – PVC, Polyprophylene (PP) and Dupont (USA) brand “Evaloy” based compounds.

Membranes are selected and recommended to be compatible in a variety of applications and liquid contact. These include Potable Water, some Hydro-carbons and Fuels, also a range of Wastes, Chemicals and Acids. Temperature and or concentrations often determine ultimate compatibility or suitability.


Aeon PTL-PTR.pdf

NB: Always seek professional advice and provide “full disclosure” to your prospective supplier.

Some example of our Tank Membranes and Replacement Liners