Water Treatment

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Packaged, both skid mounted or containerised systems and units ready for immediate pipe connection and service. Units for separation and filtration of raw and waste water and membrane-systems for potable and for “polishing water”, typically Reverse Osmosis and Desalination (RO) for clear , raw & brackish water or seawater.

Pre-treatment and filtration is mandatory for membrane performance, water output and lower maintenance. Pretreatment is typically for hardness but many trace elements are harmful to membranes .Some can be treated by continual dosing of commercially available chemical-products. Filtration is primary to separate out particulate , sand/ sediment and dirt. Chlorine is detrimental to RO and other membranes and this is ususally removed by chemical dosing or filtration , for example with Activated- Carbon filter media.


Water Engineering offers solutions to a diverse range of challenges in water, liquids, gas and air. Utilising selections of cartridge or bag filter and filtration – media.

Ultra-Violet Sterilisation Equipment

UViFLO brand products were a leader in the Australian water disinfection market for over 14 years. This range is now superseded with the UV Guard brand UV range. Parts and service are still available for UViFLO equipment. We represent, sell with backup and also offer the manufacturers after sale service.

We can supply stock or custom built UV units for any requirement either domestic or industrial, drinking water or effluent.

What is UV Disinfection?

UV light is a particular selection of wavelengths from the light spectrum, occurring naturally in sunlight. It damages the DNA molecules in bacteria and viruses preventing them replicating and surviving to cause harm.

Germ killing (germicidal) UV light can be produced by a variety of lamps or arc tubes. The best suited are medium or low pressure mercury lamps. The reference to pressure relates to the gas in the lamp not the hydraulic operating rating of the system.

PMT Water Engineering recognises that for certain UV applications medium pressure UV lamps are optimal and for others, low pressure lamps.

We are unique in that we offer manufacture and supply a large number of both technologies for installations throughout the world.

Some example of our Water Treatment Systems