PMT Water Engineering exports a wide range of products includin water tanks and much more...

Nominated Twice for Premier of Queensland’s Export Award 2011

pmt Water Engineering has proven experience and performance of over 20 years, in remote locations both here in Australia and overseas.
Export Markets:
Notably, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and other Pacific Rim island nations. Also ASEAN – south east Asian countries.
Prefabricated steel water tanks are suitable for fast-track supply and delivery, which are then bolted on-site to install and commission into service. They particularly suit the export market-place and its Public, Corporate & NGO customers. The tanks are economic, often off-the-shelf (in stock), prefabricated and designed as very compact consignments (as little as 2% of ultimate cubic volume/storage). Mostly of dead-weight and mass. They are convenient for low cost containerized shipping or rapid deployment by aircraft and helicopters in scheduled and contract timetables.


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Pacific Modular Series – Pack 1, 2 and 3.pdf
Pacific Modular Series 220 Corrugated Tank Sizes.pdf
Flat Plate Tank Sizes.pdf

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